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Ulrika Ekblom

Ulrika Ekblom


Ulrika Ekblom prefers working with natural light because it increases the realism of her food images. This is sometimes difficult, especially in the winter. Ulrika Ekblom has her studio in Uppsala, Sweden where daylight is only available until 2 p.m. in the winter.

On her frequent travels she gathers not only inspiration, but also props for her shooting. She loves browsing through food and second-hand stores. She often finds items made of wood, metal or stone that serve as the background for her photographs. She also visits stores selling fabrics, which she uses for her richly textured backgrounds.

The images appear in cookery books, magazines and in advertising campaigns for major corporations.

Artichokes on a table Chocolate cake with cream cheese and berries Cheesecake muffins with blueberries A dessert made with cream cheese, biscuits, raspberries and blueberries A jug and a glass of red wine Zabaglione with blackcurrants and redcurrants Fresh apple and raspberry salad with yoghurt and honey